Can You Withhold Remuneration Due To An Employee Who Gives 24H Notice

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act sets out minimum requirements to notice period(s) that must be adhered to by Employer and Employee.

The provisions are seven days if the employee worked less than six months, two weeks if the employee worked more than six months but less than a year and four weeks if the employee worked for more than a year. Employees who fall under Bargaining Councils or a Sectoral

Determination will also be held liable to serve out the applicable stipulated notice period in accordance with its collective or main agreement.

If an employee tenders a resignation with insufficient notice period the employer will not be permitted to deduct any monies for the notice period not worked by the Employee. The Employee will however be in breach of contract and the Employer will instead have recourse to hold the employee liable for the notice period not served

The Employer can therefore seek relief from the courts in this instance and sue the employee for damages or apply for specific performance required from the Employee.

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