The Purpose Of Using An Incident Misconduct Report

Many businesses tend to overlook the importance of an incident / misconduct report form. This in turn leads to tricky situations where if prevented from the start, can be avoided. However, in order to initiate this pro-active response it is important to understand why they are so important and how Joblaw East London can help you and your business.

  1. Incident / misconduct report forms, form part of the investigation process and is not a warning in itself.
  2. The completed form, with both parties versions is to be sent to our offices and from there we assess the incident report and determine the appropriate action to be taken. If a warning or notice of hearing needs to be drafted from the incident report form, then we do such and send it through to the employer/manager for issuing on the specific employee/s

Progressive discipline forms a vital part of any disciplinary process. Regulation indicates that we need to have both the employer and the employee’s versions before a warning can be issued. If a warning is declared unfair, and such warning was used in the progressive discipline in the placement and subsequent dismissal of an employee, it could be found by the CCMA that the whole dismissal was unfair.

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