Paying My Employees: What Information of Theirs do I Need?

One of the smaller details sometimes overlooked by Employers is Section 33 of the BCEA.
This is sometimes only realised when it is too late, and the department of labour is knocking on your door with an inspection.
Thus, we believe it is a necessity to inform our clients and potential clients on what is required of them as employers.
When Employers make payment towards their employees, they are required to provide the employee with the following in writing,
– The Employer name and Address.
– The Employee occupation and Name.
– The period of which the payment is due.
– The remuneration owing to the employee.
– The deductions made to such amount.
– The Actual amount paid to the employee after all deductions.
Section 33 then sets out additional requirements, if applicable, as followed:
– The employee remuneration rate and overtime rate.- Hours worked on a Sunday and/or Public Holiday.
These documents must be supplied to the employee on their normal working days at an agreed place and on the day, payment is made.
Section 33 of the BCEA is quite specific in what it requires, however many companies have failed to meet the requirements of the labour inspector.
It is advised to consult with a professional to ensure compliance with Section 33 of the BCEA.
This article aims to provide general information and does not constitute legal advice. For more information contact 021 919 6418 OR erin@joblaw.co.za

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