Ensuring My Employees Understand Meal Intervals

An Employer must give an employee who works continuously for more than five hours a meal interval of at least 60 continues minutes. An agreement in writing (Contract, or addendum/ annexure to contract) may reduce the meal interval, but not less than 30 minutes. An agreement may also dispense meal intervals if an employee works less than 6 hours On one day.

An Employer may request an Employee to work in their meal intervals if the duties cannot be left unattended and cannot be performed by another employee. But the Employer will need to remunerate the Employee for said meal intervals.

An Employer will also be required to remunerate an Employee if the meal intervals are in excess of 75 minutes, unless the Employee lives on the premises at which the work is performed, or workplace is situated

An Employer should encourage an Employee to take their meal intervals, as failure to do so may have risks to the Employer and Employee

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