Ensuring My Employees Understand Family Responsibility Leave

An Employee who has been working for the Employer for longer than 4 months and who works more than 4 days a week will be entitled to a total Of 3 (Three) Family responsibility leave days each leave cycle. (12 months)

This leave can be taken when there is a death Of the Employees direct family member

(Spouse, life partner, adoptive parent, grandparents, child, grandchildren or sibling) and/ or when the Employee’s child is sick.

The Employee is only entitled to a total Of 3 (three) such family responsibility leave days in a 12 month cycle and may take part Of / or the full day at any time, after notice has been given to the Employer.

Upon request from the Employer, the Employee should provide reasonable proof to the

Employer and only thereafter is the Employer required to pay the Employee for said days

Unused Family Responsibility leave does not accumulate and / or role over to the next year, any unused Family Responsibility leave, will lapse and the Employee will forfeit these days in the next cycle.

This article aims to provide general information and does not constitute legal advice.

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