The Particulars of Employment and Remuneration

It is stipulated in section 29 of the BCEA that an Employer should provide an Employee with a list of particulars upon commencing the employment relationship. This is not only to inform the Employee of his/ her position, job title and a brief description of his/her duties, but to ensure both parties have all necessary information to carry out their responsibilities, as agreed upon.
As in all contracts, the details of each party should be stipulated, such as the Employer’s name, address and the Employee’s full name, surname, ID number and address should be clearly visible in said contract.
Further information such as: where would the Employee report for duty; the date the Employment contract commenced; days and hours that the Employee is required to work; the Employee’s rate / wage and method of payment; will the employee be eligible for overtime; any other cash payments, payments in kind; how frequent will he/ she receive payment and if any deductions will be applicable, all of these factors would be agreed upon and documented.
Further the Employee would need to know how the company allocates and approves leave; what notice period the Employee should give; or when termination of the Employment relationship would be; does the business belong to/ or have a council /sectorial determination and if there are any additional documentation that forms part of the contract of Employment.
These particulars should be revised and updated on a regular basis. Should any of the above-mentioned change, both parties should receive a copy of these changes and keep on their records. The Employer should ensure that all Employees understand the above mentioned, either through explaining in a language, or manner in which the Employee would understand.
It is the Employers responsibility to keep all record for a period of three years after the termination of the employment relationship.

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